Tuesday, January 30, 2024

Available, yet not available...?

Wanna be the first? I have joined REAM to make new stories available on a weekly base. This way stories which are not yet available as (e)book are available to readers who join REAM. I offer a range of subscriptions, including a backlist.
Planning is to have all backlist stories available before the end of the year, while new stories are added when finished.
Join me on REAM and be the first to read a brand new SF series: YAROON.

An accident never comes alone.
A traffic accident in Paris reveals things no one thought possible.
Alien things.

Detectives Peyrac and M'Pelé investigate the case, but soon realize that this is not an ordinary, everyday case. They are opposed by organizations they have never had to deal with during their career. Secret services are eager to cover up the whole case.

The annoying thing for the detectives is that in order to solve the case, they also have to work with those organizations.

To everyone's frustration, it soon turns out that what seemed so simple at first glance, degenerates into an explosive situation that no one can keep a secret anymore.

A hidden world is exposed by brute force...

Be the first in line, read YAROON (weekly) online: https://reamstories.com/eduardmeinema