Thursday, April 30, 2015


During the first years my wife and I were running our art gallery, we used to sell serigraphs, giclees and other kinds of copied artworks. Besides the orginal artwork of course. The number of copies used to be limited anywhere between 200 or 250. The actual number is mostly handwritten next to the artist´s signature. All in pencil. In other words, if the writing states 23/250, it means you have copy number 23 of a series of 250. So the series is limited... Except for an unknown number of copies, called the EA edition. This edition, the Epreuve d´Artiste, is supposed to be a test series for the artist to decide whether the colors and quality of the serigraph is according his wishes. The number of EA copies varies from only a few to ten...or more. When we learned that some artists made a re-runs of certain succesful series, in other words the limited number of 250 was raised with a second series of 250  numbered copies, we decided to quit selling these editions and focused our selling to original artworks. 
A few years ago more and more artists disapproved of the uncontrollable serigraphs. Large editions are nowadays out of fashion. Instead, artists have smalle series of prints made and then complete these copies with additional artwork. A simple serigraph thus becomes an original artwork, although the basis is still a printed copy made by a printer, not by the artist.
Quality of prints is amazingly good these days. Even regular desktop printers will provide high quality material. Nevertheless, I prefer to have smaller series completely made by myself. I call these copies ID´s, short for Identicals. Although they are not really identical, but more or less similar to the original. Every item is handmade and thus differs in colors and shape from the original. All editions in a series are therefor 100% original pieces of art. More valuable than serigraphs and nice to collect. 
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Tuesday, April 28, 2015


While Vincent van Gogh moved down south, to be inspired by the sunflowers in France, many painters (not to mention millions of tourists) have come to Holland to enjoy the colors of the tulips. This time of year the flowerfields are showing their brightest colors. Most people will go to the area of Lisse with the famous 'Keukenhof', but I know there are more farmers growing tulips. Some of them are nearby, so who am I to let this moment pass by? A great opportunity to make some nice photos of Dutch agriculture. 

After enjoying 'the real stuff' I have made some artworks based on these fields with tulips. (Flowerfields I and II). 

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Want to see more? There are some great videos on You Tube like this one taken by a drone flying over the flowerfields near Noordwijkerhout:

Saturday, April 25, 2015


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New composition of four Sand Tiles. Contrary to my other mini abstract works, which can be combined the way you prefer, these four panels of 20x20cm are fixed on wood, creating one overall image. Vibrant red and orange colors covering layers of violet, yellow, green and blue.  

The title refers to a song by Dutch guitarist Jan Akkerman. ‘Tranquilizer’ appeared on the concept album “Eli”, Akkerman's fourth solo album, with mixed elements of jazz, pop and funk. It won the Dutch Edison Award in 1976 for Best Album.

During a major clean-up of our garage, a few years ago, I got rid of my old record collection, including this LP. A decision I sometimes regret although I do not have an old fashioned pick-up record player any more. So even if I still had mu LP's, listening would be impossible. Then again, looking at the covers was fun too. The unforgettebale cover of Pink Floyd's 'The Wall', the amazing artwork of Roger Dean on the covers of YES. And the YES-logo of course.
Eli has a simple cover. Aphoto showing Jan Akkerman and singer Kaz Lux. Well, o far for mourning about he good old days. We've got You Tube now. And guess what? The entire album is there for you to discover. So sit down and relax. Take your tranquilizer.

Saturday, April 18, 2015

Natural expressionism

Made some photos in the dunes. A small nature reserve called 'Kwade Hoek' at the former island of Goeree-Overflakkee. The environment is inspiring and beautiful. The view disturbed by windmills along the dam (part of the Deltaworks). Nevertheless, it's a quiet place providing some interesting images. Vegetation near the coast is still yellow. The green colors of Spring have not yet arrived here. The bushes in the dunes haven't got their new leaves either, providing a great opportunity to have a close look at the barch of the trees. Nature creates its own expressionism. Superb pieces of barch overgrown with algae and moss. Soft yellow colors of the vegetation competing with the blue sky and the water of the North Sea; a bizarre construction of branches trying to keep the sand of the dunes in its place. Life near the coast is a constant process of change. Evolved in this tidal zone. Shaped by salt water. And all it takes is time. Yes, some of the best things in life are still free, but you have to take the time to enjoy them.

Saturday, April 11, 2015

Chatter Chick

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Last few weeks I've been working on a so called Chicklit-novel. A genre which, if written by men, is sometimes called 'Dicklit'. Nasty name, which doesn't encourage me to lay the 'lad on the table'. In fact the name Dicklit is used for male writers, writing about trivial stuff for men. You know, all those important things in daily life female writers will share in Chicklit, like lipstick, shoes, fashion and so on. But then for men. Right. I’ll keep Mister Dick in my pants...

Being father of two gorgeous daughters, the importance of all daily trivialities is clear to me. No matter how many thrillers I will write, they only read the ‘real stuff’: Chicklit.
“But there’s nothing happening” I always say. “Chicklit characters will chat every line of every page, there’s no action.”
Obviously, my idea of action differs the full 100 percent from the idea my girls have on the subject. “It’s about the most important things in life, Dad” they explain. Alright, I’ve got it: lipstick and shoes are life. So Chicklit is all about life.
“I can do that” I said. But I will make it likeable to men as well. The moment I said it, I realized, being a man, the genre title of my books might end up with something unwanted like DickChicklit, or ChickDicklit or, hell no!, Shemalelit. You can imagine my relief when I learned about ‘Edgy Romance’. Period! Done. No doubt about it. From now on I will write edgy romance.