Tuesday, January 16, 2024

Copy that

When you write a lot, you have a lot of documents. With good courage, you save those files systematically on your computer so that you will be able to find everything quickly. Until one day you just don't have enough time and you think... 

Just give it a fancy name and I'll save it properly tomorrow.
What you, of course, simply forget.

Or you accidentally save it in the wrong folder.
Or on a flash drive.

Before you know it, there are documents "saved" everywhere. Some are typed in the old-fashioned way, on a typewriter ("Some day I'll transfer them to Word..."). Others, often the first texts you ever wrote, in outdated word processors (WP4.2 anyone?). If you're lucky, it can also be printed on one of the first matrix printers. But, being the hero that you are, you have everything neatly in order. Until your computer stops working and you have to transfer everything to a new computer. A computer with yet another new version of a word processor. Despite all the promises that transferring will run smoothly, pieces of text are lost with every transversion. Just as characters and letters spontaneously disappear over time in old text processors. Storage and renewing are necessities. That's partly why I decided to publish all my short stories in print so that there would at least be a paper version if the e-book files will ever go missing or parts of the text spontaneously will "dissolve".

Let's just hope the paper doesn't perish too quickly...

In order to "quickly" publish as many of my Flash & Shorts as possible on paper several new titles will appear in the Vinyed series this year. In order to synchronize these editions in English, Dutch and German, I have to catch up because only a few of my short stories have been published in German so far. As of today, Vinyed book 3 "In his secret heart" is available directly from the author and your favorite (online) retailer.

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