Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Young and adult

Proud to announce a special book, written with my daughter Jeske.
Yep: the old guy and his youngest daughter. A unique combination (the story that is; but so are we ofcourse...). We have combined Chicklit, Young Adult (Fantasy) and Science Fiction into a quest for unknown (human) life at the bottom of the sea. Funny, romantic and exciting. A little bit of real science but...it remains fiction.

'AQUIFER - Twee werelden apart' is now available in the Dutch version. English translation, scheduled for the end of May. So, either be patient, or grab your chance to learn Dutch!

Tuesday, April 19, 2016


We all know dolphins. Flippers. There's a small related family of dolphinlike sea mammals named Porpoises. 'On purpose' is a Twisted Tuesday story about these magnificent animals.

Synopsis: Dirk Roodt loves the beach. He strolls the beaches near his house whenever he can. By occasion he finds a dead body of a porpoise; a small, dolphin like mammal. When the number of dead porpoises is increasing, he comes to the rescue. A lonesome crusade against brutal fishermen who are protecting their fishing grounds. But is he fighting the real enemy? 

On purpose, short story, 4925 words.
Available as stand alone e-book at your favorite retailer. Additional data and ordering, click here.

Friday, April 15, 2016

Remember Dory

S.O.S. - 6
Time to remember...

June 17, the new Disney movie 'Finding Dory' will be released. Loved the first movie, and I've got great expectations for this one, but...as a result of the first movie, Finding Nemo, sales of Clownfish increased more than 25%. Now the aquarium industry fears an increase on sales of the popular Dory as well. Unfortunately, these beaties are not (yet) commercially bred. All specimens are wild caught.
The sustainable Aquarium Industry Association (SAIA) already launched a campaign in June, 2015 (have a look at the SAIA website to see all details).

I have created a Kickstarter project to make people aware of the situation. Read the full story (and support the project!) at S.O.S.-6
Enjoy the movie, but please don't forget about the situation of Paracanthurus hepatus (Dory's official name). Don't be a Dory. Remember!

Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Life hereafter

Always a bit scary. Life after death. You either believe in it, or you don't. That's up to you. Or...is it?This week's Twisted Tuesday tale is about the bond between a grandmother and her grandchild. A bond they never had until grandma passed away...

The Bonding, short story, 7372 words.
Available as stand alone e-book at your favorite retailer. Click here for additional data and ordering.

Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Vinyed 216.01 Quadrennial

First compilation of my Short Stories and Flash Fiction. (All published seperately in the series 'FS / Flash and Shorts'.

Edition April, 2016
Content (19.546 words / 68 pages in print):
  • Quadrennial [#416022901, 1170 words]
  • Man on a Mission [#415020501, 4325 words]
  • Barker [#416022301, 5050 words]
  • Gifted [#416030401, 4401 words]
  • Allotment [#416021701, 4600 words]
Available as (click to order): 
eBook $ 5.99  Amazon Kindle, Smashwords e-pub( also: Kobo, Nook, Apple iBooks)
Print    $ 6.99 (paperback) Amazon POD

The original artwork for the cover, especially made for this edition, acrylics, sand and paper on canvas; 40x120cm (check out prints, mugs and more in my printshop).

Saturday, April 2, 2016


Looking for a telling title for a series of books on short stories and flash fiction, I came across ‘vignette’. Its pronounciation [vin-yet] ending just like the pronounciation of my first name (which is abbrevated as): ‘Ed’. The meaning of the word, amongst others, ‘a short descriptive literary sketch’. How convenient…

A tiny adaptation, rewriting the word as Vinyed, and…done! A great title for a new compilation of my short(est) stories. Recognisable and descriptive. Check out the available editions here!