Tuesday, January 23, 2024


Last week I told you that I have so many files that I sometimes have trouble finding my own work. What also happens to me is that I think I have done something but later find out that I didn't do it. Do you recognize that?

So, I thought I had put this Flash Fiction story (written in 2016, ouch...) online. But thinking and doing are two different things for me. I don't think treatment is necessary. I've learned to live with it. And the people around me too...

The ultra-short SF story "Andrew" is about someone who needs to go to the doctor: "In the year 2136 seeing a doctor is easy. Every computer will do. However, the diagnosis is not always what you might expect."

And, now that I've found it, you can read it for free!
Get your copy here, directly from the author or read it on REAM

(Offer valid till January 29).