Saturday, October 31, 2015


In Dutch we say 'Oude liefde roest niet' (literally translated as: "old love will not rust"). The English however say: "Old love never ends". 

This painting shows a rusty coloration, created with acrylics and sand. The vertical band is inscripted with letters. The line "old love never..." has faded into the background. Almost unseeable. But it's still there. Just like the old love itself... 

Order your print here: Old love never ends

Saturday, October 24, 2015

Paper Fish

A special release this week: the first book based on my blog "A Queer Fish". A collection of blog entries and artworks previously published in my blog, make a great giveaway. I have chosen the dark brown Acanthoplesiops cappuccino as cover model.

That's right: a fish named cappuccino. Hence the title "A cup of fish".The giftbook, 55 pages, can be ordered at  
Order your prints (framed, on canvas, metal  etc.) or printed matter based on the artwork in this book (cards, pillows and more) in my printshop. Check out the latest entry of my blog of fish by using the link on this page (top right). 

Sunday, October 18, 2015


Finished this fine abstract artwork. Started out with green and violet. After placing more and more layers of acrylics on top, I ended up with a nice seagreen - turquoise coloration. The light colored vertical band, next to the violet band, is made by dripping turquoise and moss green paint into wet sand.
Trembled (115 x 75 cm). $ 1075 / € 990. Click upon the link to order prints, pillows etc.

Wednesday, October 14, 2015


Few weeks ago my daughther and I made photos in a nature reserve on "Goeree Overflakkee", a former island which, as part of the Deltaworks, has been connected to the mainland many years ago.

One of the photos I made has been on my mind ever since. A red marked pole in the middle of yellowish vegetation at sea. I have made this, mainly yellow, abstract impression of it.
Dune (120 x 40 cm). $ 600 / € 550. 

Click upon the link to order prints, pillows etc. (or to buy the original).

Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Candles at Dawn

The dog has its own rythm. No matter what, I have to go out early. Not that bad this time of the year, as the autumn sunrise has a very special appearence. The light has to find its way through dark clouds and morning fog. It inspired me to make these two paintings:
Break of Dawn (50 x 40 cm) $ 250 / € 230. Picture left.
Light of Dawn (115 x 75 cm). $ 1075 / € 990. Picture below.

Click upon a link to order prints, pillows etc. (or to buy the original).