Wednesday, January 3, 2024

Finding what's not lost

Every year we kept the cork of the champagne bottle. Brings luck, they said. The bottle was neatly uncorked just before New Year's Eve, exactly as it should be. Gently. With a sigh. No bang. Glasses filled. You know, those special, high flutes. It turns out not to be a good choice at all, you should use those wide glasses, but that shouldn't spoil the fun.

Flutes filled. Counted down to New Year's and toasted. Afterwards, the cork was kept in one of the glasses and put in the cupboard. Then forgotten. Of course...

Did it actually bring luck? Doubtful. But after years we had a large collection of corks. Some turned black, others with slight mold formation. Typically one of those things that you find without actually losing them, while you can never find other things that you are looking for.

I'm curious to see what else I will "find" this year.