Tuesday, February 6, 2024

Air vibes

I came across this mysterious photo which seemed to be perfect for a cover. The title immediately came to mind. The story itself only came later, when I first bothered to read the lyrics of the song...

Lyrics of the song with the same name that most people know from Frank Sinatra's version. (Dozens of artists have made their own versions, I can absolutely recommend Herp Albert's instrumental version!).

Anyway. The text triggered me. Because, to pack up and “fly” away with someone is not a choice made lightly and without truly romantic feelings. Going along with someone is not something you just do. For the main character in this story it ultimately became a matter of life and death....
Now available: Come fly with me

Genre: Mystery / Horror
Type: Short Story
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Content: Non cogito (Don't think so...); Not in the news; Inspired by photos.