417013101 Roadkill [Short, 2017]


Genre: Short Fiction
Language: English.
Finished: 31 January, 2017.
Author: Eduard Meinema
Words: 6623.
IRC updated: January 31, 2017.

Vinyed 217.01
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Accidents happen. They overcome you by coincidence and sometimes with unexpected consequences; or fatal injuries. The deadly victims, Roadkill, are fine meat. Never bother how it got killed or how it got there upon the road. Just remember Roadkill attracts other guests. Or unexpected scavengers... 

Found this funny picture of a racoon killed on the highway. (Sorry. Dead animals are not funny...). Used it upon the cover. The story itself is merely based upon my wild imagination.

List of characters
Characters alphabetical by last name. Nicknames and characters only known by their first name or their last name, are given underneath this list. Unnamed characters are not listed!
  • Jerney Pelucchi - girlfriend
  • Dwayne Robinson
  • Gordon Sumner - protagonist
  • Randy Wilde
  • Oscar Chernovsky / police officer
  • Wayne / police officer