Tuesday, April 2, 2024

No show

In VIP Vibes I recently shared a memory of a visit to the GDR, the former East Germany, sometime in the late eighties. This weekend, Easter weekend, I was reminded of a German saying I first heard there:

 "Fehlt der Schnee zur Weihnachtsfeier, fällt er auf die Ostereier". (= "If the snow is missing at the Christmas party, it falls on the Easter eggs").

I regularly see that text pop up, especially in news items for hobby gardeners. Because a green Christmas is not what we want, but the chance that a green Christmas will result in a White Easter is an even greater fear for gardeners.

A blessing in disguise: last year Christmas was mainly rainy. No snow seen. Not this weekend either. But what a surprise, Easter also turned out to be rainy. So, time to change the saying: "A rainy Christmas may seem unfair, but you know, Easter will get it's share..."

Oh, right. And what happened to the chocolate Easter bunny?

Bunny photo courtesy: Triplechoc