Tuesday, April 23, 2024


In a few weeks "Govnor", book 3 will be published in the LARO-Files (FBSI-Chronicles). The first four books are intended to introduce you to the main characters of future spin-off series. This is how you build a 'universe'. A framework that includes a series of series.

I cannot yet say which characters survive the initial phase; that would honestly be a spoiler. For me it was already determined in advance which characters I would "bring with me". But the future is not clear-cut for me either. For example, I did not expect that a character that I had not thought of beforehand would play such a major role that I could not actually avoid giving this character its own series.

Hmm... nice and vague. At the end of book 3 it becomes clear which unplanned character will be the first to get a spin-off. The first story in this series is a short story that I finished this week. A story that can also be read as a standalone. For that reason I am considering submitting it to an SF magazine before publishing it myself.

I'll think about it some more.

Just as I am now starting to wonder whether the characters that I have planned for a sequel series at the end of book 4 are still alive...

Not yet familiar with the FBSI Chronicles? Read books 1 "Devoir" and book 2 "Turmoil" now. You can pre-order book 3 "Govnor", scheduled for release on June 4, via my own webshop.