Tuesday, April 16, 2024


We're getting a puppy. A Labradoodle doggy. (That almost makes you stutter, doesn't it?) So, we're making our house catproof... Does that make sense?
Not to you.
But for us...

We have two cats, two ragdolls. They've been living in the living. Nowhere else. Trust me, our living is catproof. But now, as the puppy will enter our live soon, the raggies will be allowed to "travel around" our house. To avoid we will have to drag them out of unwanted places (behind boilers, kitchen cupboards, you know the drill) we are closing up every hole we can find. Making sure they can only enter those places we allow them to be. 

But yeah...
A dog has an owner.
A cat has staff.
So these subjects work up a sweat to get the cat paradise ready on time while the cats have the time of their lives because: tools are new toys...