416031201 Dune [2016, Flash]


Genre: Short Fiction
Language: English.
Finished: 12 March, 2016.
Author: Eduard Meinema
Words: 991.
IRC updated: March 12, 2016.

Vinyed 216.02

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Boy meets girl. Girl likes boy. The old story. Lust and desire drives them to a remote, quiet place where they can spend the night together. Alone at last. That’s what they think…  

A visit to a small nature reserve in the dunes of Zeeland (The Netherlands) followed by a walk along the bunkers at my hometown Hellevoetsluis, made me think about my youth, when we used to play around bunkers at Hoek van Holland (near Rotterdam). Lateron those bunkers were closed for public. Despite the tragedy of its origin, these bunkers always have a great impact on young boys like my brother and me once were.

List of characters
Characters alphabetical by last name. Nicknames and characters only known by their first name or their last name, are given underneath this list. Unnamed characters are not listed!
  • Nathan Boyd - boy protagonist
  • Jenny Copper - girl protagonist