Tuesday, February 27, 2024


Have you read my Delft Blue Crimes series? Then you know that every book has multiple layers, multiple storylines. Some storylines continue into the next book or even multiple books in the series.

A hot topic these days, but 'our team', led by the red-haired detective Marilou Tetteroo, is facing an even bigger problem. A situation that is slowly coming to the surface. If you read carefully, you may see it coming. The "convivial" atmosphere, as far as crime can be called convivial, is slowly but surely getting harder. Extremely hard.

Be prepared for tragic situations. Available from Friday March 1.

p.s. Not yet familiar with this crime series? Join wayward redhead detective Marilou Tetteroo in her attempts to solve crimes in the old, historic town of Delft (The Netherlands). A humorous, yet hard boiled, police (soap) serial. Read all about the first three books in this series here!