Tuesday, February 13, 2024

Once in a lifetime?

I always wanted to write and finish a story on Leap Day. And so I did. "Quadrennial" was finished February 29, 2016. The subject? What better subject to use than Leap Day itself?

Synopsis: When Leap Day turns into a once in a lifetime experience...

Genre: Mystery / Horror
Type: Flash Fiction
Words: 1205

No matter which language you prefer, it's a creepy little story. The good news? Up to - and including February 29, 2024 - you may read this Flash Fiction (Horror) story for free!

Deutsch: Laden Sie Ihr kostenloses Exemplar herunter  
English: Download your free copy
Español: Descarga tu copia gratuita 
Français: Téléchargez votre exemplaire gratuit 
Nederlands: Download uw gratis exemplaar  

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