Tuesday, March 5, 2024

We're not alone

Sometimes I watch TV late at night, okay, early in the morning. Those are the moments when I don't watch films, but documentaries. You would expect that the information in a documentary is real. Or at least that the facts have been checked. But...

...But, you know, at that time of the day (night...) I am not that clear anymore, so they can tell me (almost) anything.

In this case the documentary was about aliens. Not just any aliens, but aliens who have visited our planet. Aliens that, according to the documentary makers, are still here on our planet, in secret locations where they are being held and investigated by the government and military units. Old cases such as the Roswell incident were once again brought to our attention. But also new "evidence". Observations of real soldiers. Pilots. You name it. Genuine, reliable people.

Until the question of evidence comes. Proof? Oh dear. With the exception of a few blurry images, everything was unfortunately "accidentally" deleted and disappeared. Because after decades of UFO research, even with the latest techniques (or smartphones if it concerns private individuals) only blurry images are available.

Anyway. I tried to imagine that there were actually aliens walking around on Earth. Just like that, discretely walking between us. Unremarkable, just like they're one of us. How long would it take us to notice them? And what would happen if, or when, we find them?

My answer is "Yaroon". First book in this series will be available March 8.
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