Friday, February 7, 2020

Google Trotter

Sometimes I long for the time of the great explorers. Men who were risking their lives to explore new territories upon our world. The only world we were able to travel in those days...

Ever since we reached for the stars, times have changed. Globe Trotters will become extinct. Soon we will be able to go to Mars and hopefully beyond. Our own planet is minimalised into one all of us can visit day and night: Google Earth.
Tourism lost its appeal, due to the fact you can now see every damned little rock or pebble upon each and every beach or mountain online. You can stroll through museum collections without getting out of your chair. And... that, in fact, is some of the enchantment you may find in books as well, Every story is an adventure. An exploration of an unknown world.
I dare you: come and visits the unexplored mind of this author. Travel along through unknown universes and be amazed.
I dare you Google Trotters!

Artwork: originally named 'Viridis'. A name I used for a planet in one of my SF stories. In the book it refers to a green planet. In reality viridis is the name of a beautiful damselfish: Chromis viridis.