Friday, February 14, 2020

A taste of love

Valentine. Such a great day to release a new romantic novel 'Love me back'. Available as standalone and in a lovely bundle of three novels: 'A taste of love'!

I wrote this story with my youngest daughter, Jeske. And boy, did we have fun writing it! The first chapters were published online in the summer of 2019. Originally meant to be a short story. (Read all about our inspiration here!) However, we couldn't stop... So here it is, the full feelgood novel:

Synopsis: Touring Europe in an old VW bus. Singer Chanice 't Hart loved the idea. The singer of the Spanish band made the trip even more interesting. But yeah. That woman, a Spanish singer... Not to mention the ex, of Chanice the famous singer Chris Ashton. A hilarious journey full of love, doubts, even more love, unexpected encounters and... yet again doubts. A summer to remember!

Buy now at Smashwords; check out more online retailers here.

Note: this hilarious story is also availble in the bundle 'A taste of love':

This bundle includes three full novels:
- 'Love me back' (a summer feelgood story)
- 'Erratic' (Porsha series #1 - an edgy romance)
- 'Two worlds' (Aquifer series #1 - a Young Adult love story)

Buy now at Smashwords; check out more online retailers here.
[VALENTINE SPECIAL! Buy this bundle for only $ 4.99 till February 17]
Read the introductions off all these stories here: 'A taste of love'.
All of these three stories are available as standalone novel. Click upon the appropriate title for details and ordering these books separately.

Additional note: the Dutch version differs from the English version (Aquifer being replaced by a - Dutch only - story of Jeske: 'Vroemvrouw').

The artwork Lyric landscape 202007 'A taste of love' is available in all kinds of prints, mugs, Tees and more. Check my printshop for all details.