Friday, January 31, 2020

Hard copy

As real bookstores seem to become rare these days - as a matter of fact any kind of brick and mortyr shop is getting rare - I couldn´t resist the opportunity. While visiting Rotterdam, of course, a reader must go and see...

...´the´ bookstore of Rotterdam. Donner bookstore is well known for its large collection.

So whenever we are in Rotterdam, I just have to go and visit Donner. The renovation is finally done, it's a great place to be. Great to stroll through the aisles filled with books, books and... (more books) and people like me; secretly reading the blurbs on the back of the covers. Well. I´m not ashamed. Still prefer hard copy above the eBooks. Left the store with a pile of old fashioned, hard copy books which I had to carry through the centre of Rotterdam as we were not ready shopping yet. (Alright, so hard copies do have their disadvantages...). I didn't dare to complain about the weight though.

As we walked on we incidently passed by an old school record store 'Songs for sale' at the corner of 'Meent' and 'Botersloot'. Another great shop filled with good old vinyl records. Those records seem to be hip again, despite CD's, streaming services and more.
You see? It's okay to like hard copy books. I'm not old fashioned, just ahead of my times...

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P.S. I do love books, but no, I'm not kneeling for them on this photo. What you see isn't always what you think to see. You see? I'm just sitting down to enjoy the blurbs.