Friday, January 24, 2020


I (re)read the novella 'Hersenschimmen' ['Out of mind'] by Dutch author J. Bernlef. A touching story about dementia. Had to dig deep in my own memory to retrieve a (flash) story I wrote about this subject myself...

'Hersenschimmen' starts like a regular novella. The further the story goes, the more fragmentary the writing becomes. A situation similar to the process of dementia. Although 'Hersenschimmen' basically is a novella about transiency. Recommended reading!

I refound my copy of 'Hersenschimmen' by chance. It remembered me I had written a flash story, 'Lost before gone', on the same subject. This story was meant to be published in a small bundle of flash fiction stories ('Perfect and Perfectionist' which, by the way, can be downloaded for free if you sign up for my newsletter). For some reason I forgot to include this story into the bundle. Maybe (but hopefully not) an early stage of dementia, or, as it would have been story number 13 in the bundle (ouch!), maybe there was something more to it...

Anyway. You can read 'Lost before gone' for free. Simply download it here at the Flash and Fiction section of my website.

For those who like to read Bernlef's novella. It has been translated in several languages; the Dutch and the English version are available at

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But wait... there's more!

This flash story is the first one to be 'published' upon a postcard and... a T-shirt as well.

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