Saturday, April 11, 2015

Chatter Chick

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Last few weeks I've been working on a so called Chicklit-novel. A genre which, if written by men, is sometimes called 'Dicklit'. Nasty name, which doesn't encourage me to lay the 'lad on the table'. In fact the name Dicklit is used for male writers, writing about trivial stuff for men. You know, all those important things in daily life female writers will share in Chicklit, like lipstick, shoes, fashion and so on. But then for men. Right. I’ll keep Mister Dick in my pants...

Being father of two gorgeous daughters, the importance of all daily trivialities is clear to me. No matter how many thrillers I will write, they only read the ‘real stuff’: Chicklit.
“But there’s nothing happening” I always say. “Chicklit characters will chat every line of every page, there’s no action.”
Obviously, my idea of action differs the full 100 percent from the idea my girls have on the subject. “It’s about the most important things in life, Dad” they explain. Alright, I’ve got it: lipstick and shoes are life. So Chicklit is all about life.
“I can do that” I said. But I will make it likeable to men as well. The moment I said it, I realized, being a man, the genre title of my books might end up with something unwanted like DickChicklit, or ChickDicklit or, hell no!, Shemalelit. You can imagine my relief when I learned about ‘Edgy Romance’. Period! Done. No doubt about it. From now on I will write edgy romance.