Saturday, March 21, 2015


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Anyone who likes snorkeling or scuba diving, like I do, knows how coral reefs can look like. Marine aquarists may experience the fabulous coralline colors in their home aquarium as well.

Coral reefs provide shelter to thousands of living creatures. The rock itself is mostly covered with a layer of algae, known as coralline algae. Eventually this becomes a beautiful, red crusted layer highly appreciated by hobbyists. In the marine aquarium it proves the water has ‘aged’, in other words your aquarium is ready for live stock. The crust layers grow upon anything, including pumps, windows etc. This can be annoying to an aquarist as removing the algae can be problematic and may require a daily routine.

Diving above the reefs, the current sways you back and forth. These waves provide the necessary movements for the corals as they are constantly providing new food supplies. The coral polyps, known to most people as the ‘little hands’, will grab the food out of the water. Of course divers usually go down under to enjoy corals and fish. I think the scenery of coral rock itself. The construction and the colors are creating a natural image which is worth to have a closer look. It inspired me over and over again.

The painting above is a triptych. Three panels of 60x60cm each (total length 180cm). It has the deep, crimson red and violet coloration which is also seen on coral rock. The water currents, bouncing in between the rocks, provided me the title. ‘Clamorous’ as in tumultuous, or disordered. The chaos of nature. I love it!