Saturday, April 25, 2015


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New composition of four Sand Tiles. Contrary to my other mini abstract works, which can be combined the way you prefer, these four panels of 20x20cm are fixed on wood, creating one overall image. Vibrant red and orange colors covering layers of violet, yellow, green and blue.  

The title refers to a song by Dutch guitarist Jan Akkerman. ‘Tranquilizer’ appeared on the concept album “Eli”, Akkerman's fourth solo album, with mixed elements of jazz, pop and funk. It won the Dutch Edison Award in 1976 for Best Album.

During a major clean-up of our garage, a few years ago, I got rid of my old record collection, including this LP. A decision I sometimes regret although I do not have an old fashioned pick-up record player any more. So even if I still had mu LP's, listening would be impossible. Then again, looking at the covers was fun too. The unforgettebale cover of Pink Floyd's 'The Wall', the amazing artwork of Roger Dean on the covers of YES. And the YES-logo of course.
Eli has a simple cover. Aphoto showing Jan Akkerman and singer Kaz Lux. Well, o far for mourning about he good old days. We've got You Tube now. And guess what? The entire album is there for you to discover. So sit down and relax. Take your tranquilizer.