Tuesday, April 28, 2015


While Vincent van Gogh moved down south, to be inspired by the sunflowers in France, many painters (not to mention millions of tourists) have come to Holland to enjoy the colors of the tulips. This time of year the flowerfields are showing their brightest colors. Most people will go to the area of Lisse with the famous 'Keukenhof', but I know there are more farmers growing tulips. Some of them are nearby, so who am I to let this moment pass by? A great opportunity to make some nice photos of Dutch agriculture. 

After enjoying 'the real stuff' I have made some artworks based on these fields with tulips. (Flowerfields I and II). 

Buy Flowerfields I
Buy Flowerfields II

Want to see more? There are some great videos on You Tube like this one taken by a drone flying over the flowerfields near Noordwijkerhout: