Tuesday, March 12, 2024


I'm not really into pictures on my body. My eldest daughter Femke does. She has had some small texts tattooed. One of them is the text "Forever in my heart", but in Frisian ("Foar iwich yn myn hert") and handwritten. 

The first part written by my wife, the second part by me. The tattoo artist placed it above her heart. Secretly, I'm a little proud of this tattoo...

Last year she got a new tattoo, which she had won at a shop in Brielle: "Angel & Demon". A beautiful shop, run by father and daughter. Coincidentally, they are also interested in fish (and reptiles and birds and dogs and, well, all kinds of animals). A super clean store, with knowledgeable people. 

I thought back to years ago when we drove to Breda (a city in the southern part of The Netherlands) with the whole family because Fem needed a piercing in her forearm. (No. Not gonna mention this shop...) An inconvenient piercing that always got in the way and has long since been removed. My memory of that day is not. Fragments of that day are incorporated into the short story "Show me".

Tattoo shop Stick & Poke offers customers special treatment. Because the old tattoo technique can be painful, customers are offered an anesthetic. Afterwards, customers go home relieved. They feel comfortable, but also strange. A wonderful technique that turns out to be extremely addictive…

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