Saturday, February 7, 2015

Sand Tiles

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Working with sand is always exciting. Sand has a "mind of its own". Mixing acrylics with sand, the paint creeps and crawls into unexpected directions, "washes" out in magnificent patterns and creates great drippings at the sides of your panel. Those crazy patterns can be seen on the small sand paintings I create. They are only 20x20cm (7.8x7.8"). I call them "Sand Tiles".Combined into groups, or hung in a row, they sort astonishing effects on your wall. The Sand Tile pictured hereby has also been used as background for this website.

Sand is used by several artists. Some like to create thick layers of sand which eventually will turn out to be as hard as a layer of concrete and then start curving and cutting until they achieve the shapes and size they like. Other simply pour sand upon their paintings. I like to use backgrounds of acrylics. Then pour mixed sand and acrylics upon certain parts of the painting. Occasionally upon the entire artwork, but mostly only upon a few parts to emphasize details. From thereon I use two techniques. The first one is based on pouring one or more colors into the first, still soft and moist layer. This will give the effect of paint waving out into several, often unexpected, directions. For the second technique every layer needs to become hard before I can continue to put on another layer in different colors. To fasten the process, I also mix both techniques.

I’m only human, so whenever possible I try to control the way the sand will crawl over the canvas. It looks like an eternal struggle with the elements (alright, without the wind and the fire). And to be honest, some of the best effects may happen all by themselves. The artist being a part of a natural process, but not in control. Human nature!

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