Saturday, February 21, 2015

Social thriller

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Crime fiction is divided into a wide variety of subgenres. Some writers specialize in a certain genre, like legal thrillersin which the major characters are lawyers and their co-workers, psychological thrillers, based on a mental and emotional conflict between the main characters, techno trhillers, in which sophisticated technology plays a prominent part, but also erotic thrillers about...well, I guess you can make it up for yourself.

No matter the subgenre a writer uses, most include elements of other subgenres as well. I admire writers like George Orwell(Nineteen Eighty-Four) and Aldous Huxley (Brave New World) for their powerful novels warning us of a future world where the state has become in complete control over our social life. Unaware of its real meaning, many people really think Big Brother is no more than a TV-format. The social message overruled by reality. TV-reality.

Gatorway is an exciting thriller, with a twist of humor, but mostly based on a social viewpoint. What if the drugs cartels will cooperate with terrorists, using high tech solutions to reach their goals? Having several plots ready to write, I was looking for a theme which could be found in all stories. What is my thriller subgenre? My preference for writers like Orwell and Huxley obviously had more influence as I imagined. In all manuscripts I’m working on, the social message is clearly present. Hence, the name social thriller was a fact.

A small, yet very important, aspect of thrillers is the presence or controversy of innocence versus a corrupt world. Corruption will be a main theme in the sequel to Gatorway, scheduled for publication February 2016. Although Gatorway is a story on its own, several clues have been given which have led to presently unsolved mysteries. Whereas these clues may seem to be coincidal in relation to the basic storyline, the unsolved mysteries are a prelude to the second book in this series.  “You ain’t seen read nothing yet!”