Saturday, February 14, 2015


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 (cover Gatorway)
Gatorway may seem to be an unexplainable title. it? If you're interested or curious about the meaning of this title you will have to read my latest thriller, Gatorway. 

Story outline: a Dutch student, Dylan Timmers, believes he has found himself the best summer job anyone can imagine: lifeguard at Miami Beach. But nothing appears to be what he expected. A dead body and a small package found at the beach where Dylan is working, completely turn his life upside down. Dylan becomes mixed up in the obscenity and malpractices of terrorists and the drugs scene. Gatorway is a socialthriller, which uncovers a societal problem most people are still unaware of.

The storyline is based upon the question: "what happens when terrorist groupsand drug cartels are fighting over power?" Despite all efforts, governments are hardly capablein controlling these organizations.

I enjoyed writing the story. Included many, unexpected twists, a little romance, humor and a spectacular drone attack. Yep! Nano-technology meets ordinary crime. 

The cover is not based on the 'regular thriller' format. I wanted to use some of my own artwork, without the usual photos of weapons, blood, running people or staring eyes. (Or any combination...). After all, I’m an artist of ‘words and vision’. Does it make my thriller unrecognizable for readers? Maybe as a single book. However, I'm thinking beyond this title. Just like the mini abstract paintings at the beginning of each blog entry, I want my thrillers to be recognizable as a series. The cover of Gatorway is based upon the small painting illustrated in this blog. Only 20x20 cm (7.87 x 7.87 inch), mixed acrylics and sand on canvas. 'Sand tiles' as I explained in a previous post. Pieces of art not appreciated by everyone. But I like the way the paint creates mysterious patterns in the sand. It’s all part of the game. Doesn’t every thriller start with a mystery?