Saturday, March 7, 2015


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Where do you get your inspiration? A question commonly asked. The answer not as renewing as many hope for. “It just happens” is my usual answer. Does this mean I am incredibly creative? Guess not. I prefer to think of my ‘creativity’ as a result of experience. How’s that? Let me try to explain.

The mind is a wonderful thing. It can withhold us to finish any work we have started. Writer’s block if you like to give it a name. (Made a stupid blog about that in April, 2005. Don’t mind if you take a look, but beware! A writer’s block really is awful…). On the other hand, your mind can also encourage you to proceed. Your mind has a will of its own. It’s working while you try to do some other work yourself. It’s even working while you are asleep. It’s more creative than you can imagine you will ever be. Experience, other people call it. And that’s the dirty little trick that does the work. The more you practice the better you will become in whatever you want to be doing.

Out of experience I can tell you the best ideas I get, pop up while I am working. When I’m writing, I get ideas for new stories. When I’m painting, I get more ideas to make another painting. To put it simply, one thing leads to another. I pick up lines from the news (yes, even from the old fashioned newspaper), TV, music, even fragments of conversations, said by people passing by. All these nice, angry, stupid, crazy, silly, lovely thoughts remain stuck in my mind. They pop out by occasion. Unexpected, sometimes unwanted, most of the time it seems an uncontrollable process. But as said before, practicing unveils many thoughts at the time you need them. Your unconscious is your best co-writer or co-painter. Hack, the best co-worker you can imagine. If you like to make a note, or a sketch of anything of interest you hear or see so you can use it later on, be my guest. I’ve made tons of notes and sketches which all seem to disappear. Except for the ones is have used in my Skredch-blog. It seems most of the time I am lost in my own chaos. But, when not asked for, my mind is able to retrieve those things I never considered lost. Ideas just pop up in my mind. Experience? Practice? Let’s call it inspiration.