Saturday, September 8, 2018

Plain simple

Many years ago (it seems ages, must have been a previous life) I worked at the Dutch Darts federation. During a member meeting the board got into trouble. One of the members claimed the board lied. "Why?" the chairman asked. "As you have to think about every word you're going to tell," he said. "I never lie, so I don't have to think about what I've said before. I tell the truth." It's that easy folks. Always tell the truth, it makes life plain and simple!
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The man 'telling the truth' was Cor Scholten, the owner of the bar where the meeting took place and also the official location of the Darts Federation at the time. The locality was named H.D.S.C. (the "Haags Darts & Snooker Centrum"). Even made a logo for them. The bar was run by Cor his son Roland Scholten (photo on the left), who was fond of playing snooker at the time but later became a professional darter. As I recall he and I share our day of birth January 11. Although he's from '65 and I am two years older (and wiser). I'm telling you: you won't find this totally irrelevant information on Roland's website!

Here's a copy of the logo I designed for H.D.S.C., a pen and ink drawing on paper created May, 1989. For some reason I didn't make a note of the exact date, but I've kept this copy and even a copyright agreement dated June 1, 1989; signed by... Roland Scholten.
Yeah folks, that's 'The ugly truth'... (Well sorry, that's a completely different show, or film actually... Great film by the way, gotta see it again soon... Now where did I put that DVD...?)