Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Soft rocks

Replaced the image on the background of my website. Now using Part III of the triptych 'Clamorous Corals'. (Read the story in this previous blog).

Also replaced the images in my printshop. Added a new image for the triptych and also added all three panels as separate artworks. A much better solution for anyone who only wants one frame (print, pillow etc.), or who wants to create some distance in between the three panels. I love the idea of this coral rock printed upon a soft push pillow!

Check out my printshop for details on these and other artworks. All prints are available in multpile sizes. Cards, pillows etc. can be ordered with the background color you prefer.

Part I, left panel, order here.

Part II, center panel, order here.

Part III, right panel, order here.