Saturday, May 16, 2015


Holland is well known for its cultivated tulips. The flower has become a national symbol used by the Tourist Office and many other organisations. But, just like other European countries, The Netherlands also has a species of tulip 'living in the wild'. 

These small tulips, known as Tulipa sylvestris, orginally grew in Italy. Around 1600 the flowers were imported from Bologna, Italy, to the northern European countries where they were planted in gardens and parks. They didn't stay there...The little bulbs with yellow flowers have spread themselves in many habitats, and have become part of the endemic nature. Thanks to the trade in tulipbulbs the Dutch are still leading the trade in these flowerbulbs. Mind you, this trade has lead to the first economic crisis in Holland in 1637, known as Tulipmania. The price of a single tulipbulb had raised to Hfl. 10,000, enough to buy yourself a house along the canals of Amsterdam (in those days, that is...). Alas, the market collapsed, leading many people to despair and even bankrupcy. Moralistic Dutch painters have since then used this Tulipmania as inspiration, warning people not to become greedy, like the monkeys in Jan Breughel's painting, a great persiflage. I guess even the Dutch are only human...

Anyway, those days are far behind us. Trading tulips is still profitable. Painting them as well. I made this funny image, used in my Skredch-blog, which is now available in a limited edition of 30 ID's (original, handmade copies), Acrylics on paper. I made a combination of the tulip and my Dutch Quixote Skredch-character upon genuine Dutch wooden shoes (see picture on top of this blog). Just for fun, but also to please my granddaughter.
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