Saturday, May 30, 2015


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Except for the old fashioned dictionary, yes it's a regular page turner to me!, I also use several websites to translate words. Best thing of these sites is they're not only useful to translate, they also provide additional information. If you're not a native speaker, like me, you will also need some websites to find synonyms. After all, if you didn't grow up in a country it's hard to understand the 'slang of the street'. 

For instance, when I first heard the song "Hip to be square", by Huey Lewis and the News, I didn't have a clue what the expression meant. 

One of the most helpful sites I have found is wordhippo. Unfortunately, when I looked for the meaning of the word 'square', I ended up with over 48 meanings. So sometime I need to use another source. Curious what the song is about? It's perfectly explained on Wikipedia. Or just listen to the song. After all that's what music is all about.
Oh, and 'square' of course also means four-sided or right-angled. Like the Sand Tile pictured above...