416112001 The Job Interview [Short, 2016]


Genre: Short Fiction
Language: English.
Finished: 20 November, 2016.
Author: Eduard Meinema
Words: 5769.
IRC updated: November 21, 2016.

Vinyed 216.05
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Excited about an invitation for a job interview Mackenzie enters a building he has never been before. Once inside, he realises he is part of a world he has never known before. A horrifying world no one has ever known before…
Who's not excited, going into an unknown building for the very first time? What will you find, what to expect? I remember working as sales manager I had an appointment in a modern building; you know, one all covered with glass walls. Great to see, but where the GRMBL@#!... is the entrance? Must have passed the damned door a thousand times before someone finally invited me in. Boy, must they have been laughing inside... 
Anyway the man in this story does get in easily. Getting out seems to be the problem!

List of characters
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  • Hewson Maxkenzie - protagonist
  • Noack - security
  • Stockholm - the girl; every great story has one...