Tuesday, May 21, 2024


Not Scoobydoobydoo but Labrodoodledoo. A few years ago we had to say goodbye to our Golden Retriever. We had our "Queen" with us for fourteen years. Last Friday we got a new dog. An eight-week-old Australian Labradoodle puppy...

We had already visited the breeder a few times to see which puppy from the litter of 10 puppies we had a "match" with. It was clear to Mia from day one. The one with the dark green ribbon.

From the very first meeting, when we had to sit in between all ten puppies, this little boy sought out Mia on his own and never left her side. I can't blame him. I did the same thing 32 years ago and it still works great! Our little boy was the only one in the litter who didn't bark. Queen never did that either. Or, almost never. She didn't like people wearing hats and especially baseball caps. They were always barked at. The same was true for herons. As soon as one of those birds stepped on their long legs along the pond, they were in Queen's territory. And that never went unnoticed.

If Queen started barking at someone wearing a hat along the way, we'd just say she'd seen a heron...

"Beer" says Hi! 
(photo: Jeske Meinema).

We picked up "Beer" on Friday morning. "Beer" in Dutch, so pronounce the two ee's as in the English "Deer". And no, it's not a reference to the alcoholic beverage (that's "Bier" in Dutch), but Dutch for "Bear".

Our two Ragdolls spent an afternoon curiously sneaking around him (What kind of crazy cat is that...?) and finally decided to leave him alone.
And now it'sup to us. The struggle to raise an 8-weeks-old puppy into a calm, loveable dog. A battle that will cost us several days, if not weeks, of sleep. Labroodoobydoo!