Sunday, December 20, 2020

Read 'n Write

I love to write. But I also love to read. So, I thought, you know... why not put these two together? Reading and writing, or... actually reading and translating. There are so many great stories out there which are not (yet) available in Dutch, my native tongue... 

So here's the first series I'll be translating. The Kurtherian Gambit. A superb and successful SciFi / Urban Fantasy series by Bestselling author Michael Anderle.

Now, I know many, many Dutch people are more than capable of reading English. However, most people are like me. I can, but I won't. Why not? Because reading is supposed to be relaxing. And believe me, reading in my own language is so much more comfortable.

As a writer I not only admire the success of Indie writer and publisher Michael Anderle. But also his spirit; his willingness to cooperate and to share his success. Besides writing successful series and producing / publishing other writers he truly is generous in providing other writers the knowledge and tools to be successful too. Have a look at the facebookpage 20BooksTo50K and you'll understand what I mean.

Obviously translating the popular series created by Michael was on top of my list. So I reached out; we (Michael, his wife Judith and I) had some email discussions followed by Zoom meetings; got some more people involved (Thank you Stephen Campbell and Jeremy Gregg!) and... here we are. Presenting the first Dutch translation in The Kurtherian Gambit series. In line with Michael's strategy of  'rapid release' we will roll out the entire series (21 books!) in an unstoppable tri-weekly sequence. To Dutch readers I'd say: "Geniet er maar van!" [Enjoy it folks!]. These (and upcoming) translations can be found on: A website dedicated to stories of Indie authors translated by me and other Indie authors.

Not capable of reading Dutch? Shame on you! But hey, I may write scifi, murder and horror stories; in fact I'm a nice guy. As such you may find a link to the English version on the Transfiction site as well. Enjoy book 1 in the Kurtherian Gambit series in English ('Death becomes her') or Dutch ('Eén met de dood'). And check in regularly to see what's new. Or, even better, subscribe to my newsletter to get notified automatically!

P.S. (1): By the way. Book 1 is also available in German ('Mutter der Nacht') and Spanish ('La Muerte Se Convierte En Ella''). Told you I'm  a nice guy...

P.P.S. (2): LMBPN is giving away a free ebook, a free Christmas present, for all. Um... no, not for all. I mean, it's free but... Ah, just read the synopsis of this story first. You honestly shouldn't read it with your kids... this special story is called 'Christmas Kringle; Silent Night' by Michael Anderle. 

Prefer the Dutch version? Go and click: 'Christmas Kringle: Stille nacht'.

P.P.P.S. (3): You like it rough and raw? Then read my dark Christmas story 'One cold December Night'. Free till the first week of January!