Friday, September 25, 2020

Van Gogh has left the building

What if?
It's just a question, but what if...
Vincent van Gogh would not have left Holland?

Would he have been as famous as he is today?
Would he've been painting sunflowers?
Or would he have been experimenting on tulips instead?
Would he have both ears when he died?
Would he been drunk of absinth? Or would he have enjoyed Genever from Schiedam?
Would he have developed his personal impressionistic style?
Would he...
Would we have known him? Would we appreciate his work the way we do today?
Would his artistic footstep be known at all?
Would his work be valuable?
Would there still be a museum dedicated to his work?
Or would he be unknown; one of the crowd of anonymous?

And what if his brother Vincent, who was born dead on March 30, 1852 exactly a year before 'our' Vincent was born, would have survived? Would he have become the Vincent?
Would he have been better than the 'replacement' Vincent we know?
Would Vincent be Vincent?
What if...

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