Thursday, April 20, 2017

The word is out

Somebody leaked... about the existence of the Aquiferians. In book 2 of this fabulous Young Adult / Chicklit series, Pinky Blextone must come to the rescue. Now... book 2 will be available shortly. So we wrote you this: 'Onset', a free prequel to the Aquifer series, now available!

A mysterious diary confuses marine biologist Jerry Allen. The meeting with strange sea creatures which Priscilla Blextone describes in her ancient diary, looks lifelike. Her drawings and description agree with beings that are also known as mermaids. As a scientist Jerry Allen knows that's not possible. Mermaids do not exist. Or...?

Then Allen's leave is interrupted. The Navy urgently needs his help. At a location close to the Great Barrier Reef, Allen watches secret images of unknown beings filmed by the Navy. Unknown creatures that look suspiciously like the mermaids Priscilla Blextone had described two centuries earlier. Could it be...?

'Onset' is a short story. An introduction to the AQUIFER series. This prequel is only available as FREE eBook. Order your copy today!