Sunday, February 19, 2017

SIRE Trilogy Book 1: Fracas

The first book in the SIRE Trilogy 'Fracas' is now available as Paperback and eBook!

'Fracas' is the first book in the SIRE Trilogy. A horrifying Science Fiction thriller series about one of the most terrible tragedies ever in the history of mankind.

Synopsis book 1, Fracas: Trying to restore contact with a lost friend the young biologist Kyle Ericsson is confronted with familiar people vanishing under suspicious circumstances. He finds all of these disappearences to be related to a mysterious project named SIRE. Slowly Kyle realises that not his friends, but he is the principal character in this modern quest for truth. And whoever caused all the disappearences, is now getting frightening close to Kyle.

Kyle's dangerous attempts to unravel the SIRE mystery, leads him to the discovery of one of the most terrible tragedies ever in the history of mankind. A long kept secret, carefully protected by a force determined to keep this secret from revelation.
To find the truth Kyle Ericsson has to reveal the past. A past that lays ahead of us, hidden in our future.
A Science Fiction story?
Maybe Science, but fiction?
Question it yourself...

Paperback $ 14.99/€ 14,95/GBP 12,50. 
eBook $ 6.99/€ 6,95/GBP 5,25 
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Pages: 212 (65650 words).

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