Wednesday, January 4, 2017


Created a new 'identity' and finished up new cover artwork for my Edgy Romance series 'Porsha'. 

The first book on Porsha Gibeon was published in May 2015. Porsha's name written as 'Porsche' at the time. But I was mostly concerned if the chicklit readers would accept a thriller author to write this genre. Therefor I had the first Porsha book initially published using a penname
The second book coming on (as well as some more fun stuff, like short stories and a coloring book) it was time to rethink the lay-out of the series.
The second book on Porsha is scheduled for publication: Spring 2017.

eBook (AmazonSmashwords).
Pages: 208.

Synopsis / Flap text
If there is order, there's chaos. Porsche Gibeon is living the chaotic life. An erratic life with uncontrollable twists caused by her zany gothic friend, the coarse beaked Nola Fester; her lame brother, 'gameboy' Stern, and her crass dad Levine. Oh and her cat, Shades of course. They all have influence on Porsche's life. Making the impossible possible and making the never expected to happen anyway. Although it must be said that Porsche is more than capable to ruin her own life...

Porsche Gibeon is in her early twenties. Her 'bedroom - slash office', is a self made design centre where she works hard to establish her own T-shirt brand. Ready to conquer the world of fashion and desperate to find the love of her life. Falling in love is easy, finding real love seems near to impossible. Especially when those lovers are messing up relations with old friends and family.

Porsche's life is unpredictable, hilarious and edgy. Or, as she likes to say: "It's my mess and I love it!"
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