Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Disclosure: Concealed now available

A new social thriller. Some parts are fiction, some parts, unfortunately, are true and still happening today...

This hard boiled thriller will take you back in time, to Golfito (Costa Rica). The story slowly reveals what happened there in 2003 and why people are murdered today for being there.

Synopsis: They were young. Hardly men at the time. Their mission: highly classified. To them it was no more than an adventure. But reality was harsh and relentless. Terrible doubts assailed them. Even though the army hushed it all up professionally,  these men would never forget. They shared a secret. A secret they would hide for the outer world . That was twenty years ago.
Now someone was brutally murdering them one by one. The offender systematically eliminated the former members of their team. The only way to survive was to cooperate. After all these years they had to rely on each other again. Had to trust each other again. They had to find the assassin, before he would kill them. Only one thing they knew for sure. One of them was the murderer…

Paperback, 203 pages: $14.99 / € 14,99 / GBP 12,95. Also available as e-Book: $6.99 / € 6,99 / GBP 5,25. Order your copy at your favorite retailer. You can also try Amazon or Smashwords.

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