Wednesday, September 14, 2016


Famous last words? 
Everybody remembers his own favorites.
[Painting "P.S." 30x40 cm, mixed media
 on canvas by Eduard Meinema. 

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I recall one of Peter's visits to our (former) gallery. I showed him some of my own works, nervously waiting for his comments. As usual he gave comments in his own way: kindly but honest: 
"If it doesn't contribute to the picture... if you can remove items without changing the message; your thoughts or whatever you want to put on that canvas... let it out." (You've gotta know that in those days my paintings were, let's put it mildly, crowded with details). Then he added..."but the best part is, you can go on endlessly with any painting. Adding colors or materials; skipping parts... It's only finished when you think it is finished."

Still keep that in mind. For both my artwork and my writing.

Thanks for sharing some precious moments with us Peter.

P.S. ... Yes, a real Post Scriptum; in words and vision! During the ten years Mia and I were running an art gallery we had a couple of videos produced. Part of a never finished project. You know, so many ideas, so little time. We are glad we did finish this (Dutch) video of Peter Schenk. It has never been used, but I like to share it with you now, in loving memory of Peter (*15-09-1949 † 9-9-2011)