Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Written in the future

It's...a boy!
Not that much of a surprise; ultrasound revealed this secret months ago. Even the surprise of seeing your grandchild for the very first time no longer is an event you'll be looking forward to for nine months.
"It's a boy, he's waving at you...here's the DVD".
Hmm...for those who love the unexpected; life is losing its magic. Step by step.
But then...there he is! There's nothing more precious than a newborn child. Especially when it's yours. Suddenly you fear all the bad things in the world. Nothing may happen to him. Till you realize the same world has so many great things to offer. Wonderful things he will explore. One day. He's got a whole life waiting for him. A whole life to make his own mistakes and a whole life to celebrate his own victories.

It's (what I call) Twisted Tuesday; things don't always go the way you expect them to go. I have to leave both my grandchild, Jason, and my daughter, Femke, in the hospital. We all wanted them to be home today. But we all have to wait a couple of days.
Unaware I take a look at the calendar on the wall. Today, June 14, my grandchild is born. I see the months to come; printed on paper. And I realize not everything is known. The future is an open book you may write all by yourself.

When I leave the room my eyes are fixed on the calendar for one more time. I see the months, neatly printed in a row and I finally start to realize what was on my mind:
Hmm...dear Jason; seems you have a great time ahead of you...

P.S. Made the small painting above (20x20cm) today. A baby in my Skredch / pop-art style. Of course I didn't forget my granddaughter. So, here's the two of them together: