Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Scuba Doo

Oh boy! An old picture from September, 1990. Scuba diving with my buddy Silvano Coral (the bearded guy on the left) in Florida. 
After several tours around the reefs and the Keys, we decided to take a dive in a freshwater lake: Forty Fathom Grotto.
Greenish water; an old rusty motorbike and, of course, the caves. Every grotto piled up with catfish. What on Earth were we thinking?

Still remember our rental car. A horrifying thing which started to live its own life. Whenever we stopped, waiting for traffic lights or whatsoever, it didn't react to the brakes. It simply kept moving. Slowly heading in between the oncoming traffic. Driving by turns, we first thought the other was playing around. Until it got really scary and we illegally ended up at the middle of some crossroads. When we returned to the rental company to complain about this 'living Stephen King car', we ended up with a great replacement. A convertible. Two young dudes on holiday, driving around Miami in a convertible. That's the way!

This week's Twisted Tuesday is a story about scuba diving in The Netherlands. Making two dives at one day, as described in this week's Flash and Shorts 'Buddy', is what we did. 
Racing along the small country roads, still wearing our wet suits? 
Yep, also part of the deal. 
The rest of the story? 
Well, judge for yourself!

Synopsis: Two dive buddies enjoy a great dive in the Dutch waterway, the “Oosterschelde”. When they decide to make a second dive they do not realize some things do not get better...Beware the unexpected.

Buddy, short story, 3541 words.
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