Friday, April 15, 2016

Remember Dory

S.O.S. - 6
Time to remember...

June 17, the new Disney movie 'Finding Dory' will be released. Loved the first movie, and I've got great expectations for this one, a result of the first movie, Finding Nemo, sales of Clownfish increased more than 25%. Now the aquarium industry fears an increase on sales of the popular Dory as well. Unfortunately, these beaties are not (yet) commercially bred. All specimens are wild caught.
The sustainable Aquarium Industry Association (SAIA) already launched a campaign in June, 2015 (have a look at the SAIA website to see all details).

I have created a Kickstarter project to make people aware of the situation. Read the full story (and support the project!) at S.O.S.-6
Enjoy the movie, but please don't forget about the situation of Paracanthurus hepatus (Dory's official name). Don't be a Dory. Remember!