Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Twisted Tuesday

Told you last week I am fan of Twisted Tales, like Roald Dahl's Tales of Mystery and Imagination. Mine are arranged in a series I named 'Flash and Shorts'. 

I have made it my personal goal to publish a weekly short or flash fiction, at least for this year. Starting today you will find a new FS entry every 'Twisted Tuesday'. Here's for starters: 'Barker' (5050 words): 
Walking the dog, Brandon Flinders sees flashlights in the sky. They seem to be moving towards an unknown, but nearby airstrip. Flinders wonders what’s going on. Smugglers…aliens? He tries to find out, following the lights in the middle of the night. What will he find?

Available as Stand Alone e-book at your favorite retailer, or check out these online retailers.