Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Light my fire

Great song by The Doors. However, their music has nothing to do with the title of this blog. The subject of this entry is: Lighthouses. Why Lighthouses? Because they are so characteristic for their environment. I've made a series of sketches of these solid lifesavers on paper (which I have stained between double glass frames) and on flat rocks. (See previous blogs). I just like the way the rough structure of the stone gives the painted sketches a great appearence.

Last Sunday I visited the local Lighthouse. I can hear you say: "What do you mean? Local Lighthouse?". Well that's one of the pros of living near the sea. You've got a lighthouse more or less in your backyard. Anyway, I dared to go into the local tower of fear and climb the endless stairs. understand this remark, I should tell you I am afraid of heights. Climbing a ladder with more than two sports already is a challenge to me, so you may imagine how much time it took me to crawl my way up the stairway to heaven. When I finally reached the top there was a man waiting (mind you it's not a very tall building, my fear just slowed me down more every step I made). The man welcomed me and showed me the door to the balcony. More like a small ridge if you ask me. A quick glance through the window, especially a glance down to the ground, was more than enough to make up my mind. This guy is never, ever going out that door! 

The man kindly repeated his question: "Aren't you going out?"
I said: "No, I'm afraid of heights."
The look upon his face was unforgettable. I guess he still wonders why someone would do so much trouble to go all the way up, and then stay inside. 

So, why on earth did I go up? To make a few pictures obviously. And to find out that the big light I expected to be there, and honestly I expected a light bulb about the size of my body, had recently been replaced by an ultra small super light bulb, hardly bigger than my thumb. I bet the man in the lighthouse does not forget the look on my face either.