Written on the thin line between reality and fantasy. Enjoy fascinating 'Young Adult' stories (also exciting for adults...).

Who says Mermaids do not exist?

AQUIFER is a unique combination of Funny Chicklit and thrilling Young Adult mixed with Science Fiction and a little bit of Fantasy. Full of hilarious situations; unexpected twists and exciting events. Stories created and written in cooperation with Jeske Meinema. That's right: Daughter and Father... Young and Adult!
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AVAILABLE in the AQUIFER series:

AQUIFER (3) Venomous Virus 
Coming soon (scheduled Autumn 2017).

AQUIFER (2) Crossing Lines  Availble end of April! Order as Hard copy / Order eBook
A lovely weekend trip, visiting shopping malls in the world's largest cities, is rudely interrupted even before Pinky can spend all her money on shopping. Someone leaked information on the existence of the Aquiferians; endangering the life of the ocean people.
The situation is out of control when some Aquiferians are caught. Pinky and her friends must come to the rescue. Racing the clock they have to find the man or woman who couldn't keep his mouth shut about the recently discovered creatures. In their attempts to release and save the Aquiferians, Pinky and her friends are fighting unknown enemies. Old friends suddenly are no friends; while new friends create more unexpected problems, tensions and... problematic romances.

AQUIFER (1) Two Worlds  Order as Hard copy / Order eBook
The dark, deep ocean is not the place to expect a Shopping Queen. Obviously Pinkett Blextone didn't volunteer to be here. In the year 2042 Earth is dealing with worldwide drought. There are high needs for fresh, drinking water. The self-appointed Shopping Expert, in daily life nothing but a regular shopaholic, investigates an unknown world hidden below the surface of the seas. Dressed stylish and fashionable, Pinky surprises everyone working on the mysterious project. Far away from civilisation the small, punchy Science Chick Pinky is the center of intrigues, romances and... danger.
Who are those mysterious creatures living in the deep? Why is de navy involved? And, even more important, who is dating who?

AQUIFER (0) Onset  Click here to order your free copy! 
A mysterious diary confuses marine biologist Jerry Allen. The meeting with strange sea creatures which Priscilla Blextone describes in her ancient diary, looks lifelike. Her drawings and description agree with beings that are also known as mermaids. As a scientist Jerry Allen knows that's not possible. Mermaids do not exist. Or…?

Then Allen’s leave is interrupted. The Navy urgently needs his help. At a location close to the Great Barrier Reef Allen watches secret images of unknown beings filmed by the Navy. Unknown creatures that look suspiciously like the mermaids Priscilla Blextone had described two centuries earlier. Could it be...?
‘Onset’ is a short story. An introduction to the AQUIFER series. This prequel is only available as (free) eBook. Order as free eBook

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