Rendez Vous [Short, 2017]


Genre: Short Fiction
Language: English.
Finished: 5 February, 2017.
Author: Eduard Meinema
Words: 3872.
IRC updated: February 5, 2017.

Vinyed 217.01
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A horrifying lovestory for the brave at heart.
An encounter with an old love. Think about it. After more than fifty years he meets her again, his childhood sweetheart. Enjoy 'Dark Side of the Moon’ by Pink Floyd (Us and them!) on the background. Apologies. Of course this is no background music. But it makes the story more exciting. And darker…

I love to look at the sky at night. Looking at the stars; the moon... I always wondered what the darks side looked like. Plenty of pictures available nowadays. 
Somehow I heard the Pink Floyd song 'Dark side of the moon' the other day. I made me think. Or actually imagine. This story is what my mind worked out.

List of characters
Characters alphabetical by last name. Nicknames and characters only known by their first name or their last name, are given underneath this list. Unnamed characters are not listed!
  • Jonathan Neil - protagonist
  • Tina - girlfriend