"I love writing into the dark; like to be surprised by the characters scavenging through my own stories. Just before things are getting familiar; when I think, or at least believe, to know where a new story is going to, I give it a twist and make my readers (and myself) wonder... how the hell is this going to end?"

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Writer and Visual Artist

Eduard Meinema writes in an exciting and humorous style. He creates intense, passionate and mysterious stories filled with unexpected twists which will seduce anyone to finish reading at full speed. Beside his full length novels, Eduard is fond of writing Flash Fiction and Short Stories. All of these 'Twisted Tales' are published as stand alone eBooks in the series 'Flash & Shorts'.

This site will keep you up to date on writing and artwork: explore the pages; read the IRC's (Index Reference Cards) to find out what on earth (and beyond...) inspired Eduard and enjoy Eduard's blogs (or facebook) to be the first to know about new publications!

To contact Eduard Meinema, send your message or question by email. Eduard replies to every message personally. Please note responding usually will take a day or two.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • FAQ about my books (questions and 'behind the scene' details per book) are available on the Index Reference CardsCAUTION! Q&A about my books may contain spoilers!
  • FAQ about fish. Most items on this subject are discussed on my special blog 'A Queer Fish'.
About writing
I firmly believe "there's a writer in all of us". You are looking for answers on the question how to get published? Or how to publish your own book? The answers to most questions have been answered, discussed and published many times before. Please read the following blogs (and questions already asked) before sending me your email: